Citizen Attention

Citizen Service Office

The Citizen Service Office (OAC) is the unit in charge of promoting and encouraging the participation of citizens. Likewise, it provides and offers in a timely and adequate manner the information required by users. Additionally, it provides support and guidance in various social assistance procedures, and offers a solution to requests made by citizens.


It is the management in charge of offering the general citizenry and the community of CONVIASA workers, an optimal attention service, participating directly and organized, individually or collectively, in the control activity through the formulation of petitions, denunciations, complaints duly substantiated claims and suggestions, provide guidance and timely information, foster and execute citizen participation policies, promoting the education and training of citizens and organized communities, both internal and external, in public management and carrying out humanitarian social days; with the purpose of providing an effective, efficient, transparent, correct and healthy administration, as well as information on the use and disposal of the assets that make up the assets of the Venezuelan consortium of aeronautical industries and air services (CONVIASA).


To be a highly qualified and outstanding office for serving citizens, organized communities and consortium workers, providing them with a quality service for channeling and resolving requests, complaints, claims and suggestions, as well as training and education of citizens who use the services of the Venezuelan consortium of aeronautical industries and air services (CONVIASA).


Provide general information in a documented manner of all the units that make up CONVIASA, so that it can be used as an instrument of integration and orientation for existing and newly hired personnel, which will allow a rapid incorporation into the Organization, and an adequate execution of the tasks. to perform, promoting uniformity and efficiency at work.

Contact (OAC)

Contact address: Maiquetía International Airport, Edf. Sector 6-3 Strategic Zone, East side of the Maiquetía International Airport. Adjacent to Ground Transit hangars PB, Maiquetía - Edo. La Guaira.

Attention schedule: Monday to Friday from 08:00A.M to 05:00p.m


Telephone: 0212-3033163