Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities

Requirements for the sale of discount tickets for disabled passengers
  • Original and copy of identity card
  • Original and copy of the card issued by CONAPDIS.
  • Note: Passengers with disabilities will be accepted only if they are able to fend for themselves.

    Sillas de Ruedas Aeropuerto: Conviasa offers wheelchair service at the airport to assist our passengers with reduced mobility or special needs that require it, to go to the departure gates of their flights, it is necessary to make the request for the wheelchair in advance and request their respective confirmation of the service, the wheelchair assistance will be provided at counters to the doors.

    Wheelchairs with Battery: These chairs will be accepted for transfer as long as the following is complied with, the passenger will arrive at the door of the aircraft once there will proceed to remove the battery from the chair and will be transported as hand luggage, the chair will be taken to the cargo compartment (bulk) intended for the transport of auxiliary equipment.

    Wheelchair batteries: Wheelchair batteries are permitted to be carried as carry-on baggage provided they meet the following requirements.

    Lithium batteries: The battery must be removed from the equipment and placed in a protective case, The battery and spare must not exceed 300 Wh.

    Non-spillable batteries: Can be transported as long as the edges are disconnected and insulated and the battery is well secured to the wheelchair.

    Spillable batteries: Not permitted.

    Note: It is important to note that the various batteries must be disconnected as indicated and that spillable batteries will not be allowed under any circumstances.