Suppliers and Public Procurement Processes

Information regarding the convening of the work table

Documents required to register as a supplier of Goods, Services and Works.

National Companies and Cooperatives:

  • Registration in the RUPDAE.
  • Copy of the Mercantile Registry (or Corresponding) with all its Modifications and publications.
  • Copy of Identity Card of the legal representative(s) of the company.
  • Copy of the current Tax Information Registry (Rif).
  • (Copy of the Certificate of Registration in the National Registry of Contractors.
  • (RNC).
  • Copy of the Summary Sheet of the Company, issued by the RNC.
  • Copy of the current Labor Solvency.
  • Copy of registration documents before the respective institution in the case of Cooperatives, SMEs, Communal Direct Social Property Company, or others.
  • Copy of the National Registry of Consultants (SENCAMER), in the Case of Consulting and Advisory Services.
  • Copy of valid Industry and Business Patent.
  • List of Services provided, works executed, list of goods and materials sold.
  • List of distributors or authorized services indicating the Representative, telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Copy of the letter issued by SENIAT in the event that the company is exempt from Income Tax (only if applicable).
  • Bank Certification with 20 digits in the name of the company.

National Companies and Cooperatives:

  • Copy of the Constitutive Act and last modification of the statutes.
  • Copy of the Identity Card of the Legal Representative(s) of the Company.
  • Copy of the Legal Representative Appointment Gazette (if applicable).
  • Copy of the current Tax Information Registry (Rif).
  • Bank Certification with 20 digits in the name of the company.

Documents must be consigned in a Brown Official Size Folder Identified with White Dividers equally identified.