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Frequent questions

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1. Changes and penalties

¿It is possible to make a name change on the ticket I purchased?

Name change not possible. If the purchase has already been made and the name is not correct, you must contact our Call Center by dialing 0500-CONVIAS in your option 03 to request the cancellation of the reservation and go to the reimbursement section for the corresponding procedure.

If you made only one reservation, you must cancel it and make a new one with the correct name. Remember that, in this case, the fee may vary from the price of the listed security.

¿It is possible to make an identification number change on the ticket I purchased?

If it is possible to make the change, for this you must contact our Call Center by dialing 0500-CONVIAS in your option 03 and make the modification, then go to our nearest commercial office and request the remission of the ticket, paying the corresponding penalty.

¿I can change the date of my trip?

Changes of dates in tickets are subject to space availability, you must pay a penalty for change, and in case the original rate is no longer available you must additionally pay the difference between the current rate and the initial one. To make the change of date you must call 0500-CONVIAS in your option 02 and / or visit any of our commercial offices.

For more information go to the link

Link: Sales office

¿I can change the route of my itinerary?

If you want to modify your itinerary to travel to other routes, and you have not yet started your trip, you can use your ticket as a form of payment for the issuance of a new ticket with the desired destinations, paying the corresponding penalty. To request the change of routes you must call 0500-CONVIAS in your option 01 and / or visit any of our commercial offices.

For more information go to the link

Link: Sales office

¿You can pay the penalty of an international ticket in Venezuela, since the change is being made in the destination country?

Yes, penalties can be paid in Venezuela in foreign currency.

¿I can request a refund of penalties, or other charges that have been made twice by mistake?

In cases where for any reason you have been charged twice a penalty or other charges, you can request a refund by presenting the certificate indicating the payments made.

2. Buy tickets

¿I can buy an international ticket in Venezuela whose route originates in another country?

Yes, you can make the purchase in foreign currency without any inconvenience.

¿I bought a ticket through the website, and the system did not issue it What can I do?

You must contact the web sales department through the numbers 0500-CONVIAS in option 06. We inform you that the telephone service hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

¿I can buy tickets on the website for other people to travel?

Yes, you can buy tickets for other passengers regardless of whether you are traveling, as long as the card is registered in the users profile.

¿Airport taxes are included in the ticket price?

Tax is included in your ticket, however, some countries do not charge it through the airline. In these cases, you must cancel it at the airport of the corresponding country.

3. ¿How long is an unused ticket valid??

Any ticket issued by CONVIASA will be valid for one (1) year taking into account the date of issue.

4. ¿It is necessary to have a return ticket for an international trip?

Every passenger who is not a citizen or resident of the destination city and is traveling as a tourist requires a return ticket or a continuity ticket.

1. Checked baggage

¿I can carry perishable items in my checked luggage?

No, CONVIASA does not allow you to transport these types of items in your checked luggage. If you do, it is under your own responsibility and is subject to acceptance by the authorities.

¿To what extent is the airline liable for checked baggage items?

The airline is responsible for those products that are for the comfort and use of the passenger during their trip. CONVIASA is not responsible for the following fragile items, antiques, works of art, books, photographs, documents, titles, securities, televisions, computers or other electronic items and their accessories, cell phones and their accessories, photographic, video or optical equipment and their accessories, furs, money, jewelry, precious metals, medicines or medical articles, perishable luggage, objects that the passenger should carry with him in the aircraft cabin, articles for commercial use, unique and irreplaceable articles and similar valuable articles. Valuables must always be in the care of the passenger, for which we request to transport them in their hand luggage.

¿What are baggage tickets and why are they important??

Baggage tickets are the proof that airlines give their customers to identify each of their checked pieces. These are very important and should not be lost or thrown away, even when they have reached their final destination, as they are essential in case of having any subsequent claim for your luggage.

For more information go to the link

Link: Checked baggage

2. Hand luggage

¿What should I do if my hand luggage is collected at the doors?

Due to space restrictions, it could happen that your hand luggage is collected at doors. If this happens, you must remove the objects outside the liability coverage and take them into your custody, this because at that time your hand luggage becomes checked luggage governed by the terms and conditions that it entails.

For more information go to the link:

Link: Hand luggage

3. Policies on excess baggage

For more information go to the link

Link: Checked baggage

4. Baggage claim

¿What is the time limit to file a baggage claim?

If the luggage did not arrive on your flight or presents an irregularity, please notify the fact directly at our counter before leaving the customs area of ​​the airport. For this you must request a baggage agent and fill out the Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR) form.

¿If I have a baggage claim, what should I do??

You must contact the staff at the station involved or call 0-500-CONVIASA at your option #05

1. Refund Policy

¿What is the policy in case of cancellation attributable to the airline?

In the event that CONVIASA is responsible for the interruption of the journey, due to causes attributable, for example, to mechanical failures of the aircraft, maintenance, logistical problems with the equipment, among others, you may request a total or partial refund of your ticket, according to the case. This type of refund is called involuntary and there is no penalty for charges.

¿I can request a ticket refund?

Tickets not used for reasons not attributable to the airline are not refundable, you have one year to use your ticket, it can be used as a form of payment for a new ticket, discounting the penalty specified in the fare regulation. In the event of the death of a client, reimbursement will be granted to an immediate family member, upon presentation of the death certificate. The immediate family is considered to be the spouse, children (includes adoptive), parents and brother (s) or sister (s).

For more information go to the link:

Link: Refunds

¿Unaccompanied minor child may travel?

Yes, only unaccompanied minors between the ages of 07 and 18 are allowed, they must have an authorization from their legal representative.

•They cannot travel on domestic flights after 18:00.

•You must have a notarized permit from both parents, where you specify date and flight number.

•They must inform in a mandatory way, at the time of booking the surname, first name, identity document, telephone contact and address of the person who takes it to the airport and who receives it.

•At the time of the Checkup you must be accompanied by your legal representative.

For more information go to the link

Link: Minors traveling alone

¿How to purchase the special assistance service?

You can request this service through 0500-CONVIAS in your option 06. We inform you that the telephone service hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

1. Pregnant women

¿What requirements must I meet to board an aircraft while pregnant?

You can travel as long as you meet the following requirements: If it is within a period of 28 and 36 weeks of gestation or six months, you must present, for each flight, a medical certificate that specifies the estimated date of delivery and confirmation that the passenger can travel safely by air, from point of origin to point of destination. The passenger must fill out a pregnancy declaration form, delivered by the traffic officer at the time of the check-up. The medical certificate must be less than ten days old. During the trip she cannot be placed in emergency seats. Women of 36 weeks or more, will not be able to travel.

Link: Passengers in Gestation

2. Senior passengers

¿What requirements do I have to meet to board an aircraft as a senior passenger??

• Any passenger over the age of 60 is considered a third age (YCD), applies for men and women.

• A medical report is requested to notify the passengers state of health, from the age of 85.

For more information go to the link

Link: Senior passengers

3. Passengers with disabilities

¿What requirements must I meet to board an aircraft as a passenger with a disability?

• Conviasa, considers people with disabilities to all those who have a valid CONAPDIS card.

For more information go to the link:

Link: Passengers with disabilities

4. Children and infants

Infants (INF)

• They are considered infants from 0 to 3 years old and they are exempt from fare on National routes. On international routes, infants will obtain a 90% discount on the fare.

• In case of international flights, you must present a valid and current passport.

• They should present a copy and an original of the birth certificate.

Children (CHD)

• They are considered children from 3 to 13 years old and they have a 50% discount rate on domestic flights and in internationals a 30% discount on the rate.

• They must present a Copy and Original of the birth certificate or identity card if they have one.

Link: Minors traveling alone

5. Adults

• They are considered from 13 years of age to 60 years of age.

• In the Domestic and International routes, they must cancel the full fare, it does not have a discount.

• On international flights they must present a valid and current passport, on national flights they must present a laminated and valid ID.

¿Human remains can be transported by air?

Link: Transfer of human remains

¿Where can I check the immigration and / or health requirements to enter a certain country as a final destination or transit?

For all international travel it is essential to have a valid passport. Find out about immigration regulations and requirements every time you make a trip abroad, as these rules constantly change. It is your responsibility to obtain all entry, exit and health documents, as well as any other documents required by the destination country. If you are not sure what the immigration requirements are, we recommend before buying the ticket, check with the consulate or embassy of the country of destination.

for more information you can consult the following link:

Link: Immigration requirements

¿Packages can be sent unaccompanied?

All luggage must travel accompanied by the passenger, otherwise you can go to the national and international cargo department or contact 0500-CONVIAS option 04.

We inform you that the telephone service hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

National Route Penalties

20% of the base fee per change.

International Route Penalties

Por cambio:

Por No Show:
250 USD

Penalidad por Cambio de Foid:

Penalidad por Cambio de Pasajero Child:
70 USD

Penalidad por Cambio de Pasajero Infante:
10 USD

Penalidad por NS Pasajero (Child):
175 USD

Penalidad por NS Pasajero (Infante):
25 USD

If there is a change of fare the passenger must pay penalty plus difference
Pasajero que no viaje debe notificarlo 48 horas antes de la salida de su vuelo sino deberá pagar la penalidad por No Show (NS).