Specific functions

 Propose guidelines to higher levels in order to develop and optimize the resources used in the Citizen Attention, to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of service.

 Citizens guide as to the complaints, claims and other applications requiring by receiving, registration and delivery of documents in general through the only box office Citizen Service.

 The updated and coordinate the registration all complaints, grievances, complaints, suggestions and requests submitted by citizens’, as well as the results of the formalities done.

 Inform to the Citizens state that requests made to CONVIASA for the resolution of any particular case may be, to tell them verbally or in writing, about the requirements of the procedure in offices or competent agencies, its location, employees or employees responsible and duration of the process.

 Inform the Internal Audit Unit, complaints received and linked to the alleged occurrence of administrative irregularities, pursuant to the provisions of the Organic Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic and Fiscal Control System or the Anti-Corruption Law.

 Provide information on the use of assets and expenses heritage resources CONVIASA at the request of citizens who require prior authorization of the President.

 Promote and coordinate with the Executive Vice President of the Republic or another governmental body through the Presidency CONVIASA, airdrops of beneficiaries to social and humanitarian programs established by the Venezuelan State.

 Coordinate with the General Management Operations, Maintenance, Marketing and Operations CONVIASA Terrestrial flight permits related to social and humanitarian programs of the Venezuelan State.

 Supervise reporting with the frequency required, detailing the social investment executed, results and goals achieved, database and statistics.

 Liaising between internal drives and external organs, to get technical, strategic and tactical to be applied in the formulation of plans and social projects of the Consortium guidelines.

 Liaising with social organizations to assist in the implementation of public policies to promote human development values and integration with the environment.

 Set the Institutional Annual Operating Plan and the Annual Budget Plan of the Office of Citizen Services, under the guidelines of the Office of Planning and Budget.

 Coordinate with Legal Consulting the preparation and review of contracts and agreements within its jurisdiction apply, as well as the preparation of the documentation related to them, in order to conform to the current legal framework.

 Coordinate with the Office of Human Talent proposals for new revenue, based on the profile and requirements established in strict compliance with the demonstration of their staffing needs.

 Coordinate in conjunction with the Office of Human Talent, training courses and training for the staff assigned to the Office of Citizen Attention staff, ensuring improvement in the provision of service in CONVIASA.

 Coordinate with the Office of Human Talent proposals for promotion, transfers and promotions to implement policies of professional development attached to the Office of Citizen Attention staff.

 Safeguard assets, furniture and office equipment and rationally manage the resources allocated to the Office of Citizen Services, in accordance with administrative guidelines CONVIASA.

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