Hand luggage

    CONVIASA allows its passengers one piece of hand luggage whose dimensions allow it to place it in the luggage compartments cabin or milliners and its overall dimensions do not exceed 37 cm deep + 25 cm high + 61 cm wide = 1.23 m linear, in other words, a maximum of 56.425 cm3.

    The articles under CONVIASA criteria, are considered to excessive size and weight, may not be accepted in the passenger cabin.

    Very fragile objects, not suitable to be transported in the cargo compartment, such as medical and similar equipment, may be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin, only if previously warned the airline and whether it has obtained the consent of the same. The transport of such objects in the passenger cabin, generate additional charges. If its dimensions preclude their transport in the cabin, they must be transported properly packaged, as air cargo.

    Hand luggage allowed to be placed in the compartment at the top of the seat (milliner) or may be placed under it without causing inconvenience to passengers or obstruct the passage can be:

  Executive briefcase hand.

  Carry-pilot type.

  Hand briefcase lady (TOILET).

  Handbags in general.

  Crutches or any other type of auxiliary or prosthesis necessary, provided the passenger is dependent on its use to mobilize.

    Keep in mind that both our traffic personnel, as our crew have the power to request that your hand luggage is off the plane if you do not meet the above specifications. We also suggest, when you select your cabin baggage, which considers the other passengers who also require space to place your belongings on the plane.


    CONVIASA no se responsabiliza por el traslado como equipaje facturado de los artículos y documentos que se relacionan a continuación, por lo que el pasajero debe tomar las previsiones necesarias para llevarlo como equipaje de mano o en su defecto, por su volumen y fragilidad, enviarlo como carga:


  Cameras or video.

  Personal documents, checks, cash.


  Bottles of liquor.


  Computers, Fax, Cell Phones, Batteries, Chargers.



  Perishable items.

  Sporting firearms.

  TV, DVD, Blue Ray, Laptops.

  Dangerous ware.

    The passenger must take the necessary precautions to take as hand luggage or, failing that, by its size and fragility, send it as cargo and not as checked baggage.

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