Le informamos que NO se admiten mascotas en las rutas operadas por aeronave Cessna Caravan 208.

   1. The charge for transporting pets accompanied will be the normal excess baggage fee. In the free baggage allowance it may not include the animal.

  2. A excepción de ciertos casos, podrán ser transportados en la cabina de aviones de cuerpo ancho, o en el compartimiento de carga los siguientes animales:

    2.1 Guide dog accompanying a blind passenger or vision defects that do depend on the animal.

    2.2 Dog trained to assist deaf, accompanying a passenger with hearing defects that do depend on the animal, (provided that they have certified physician check.

    2.3 The aforementioned dogs when properly equipped (cage, chain necklace, muzzle, etc.), may accompany such passengers in the cabin (if widebody aircraft), but is not permitted to occupy a seat.

   3. For transportation of pets on the route to Madrid requires: Veterinary certificate for the EU issued and filled in the fields of the certificate by the Veterinary Medicine. Certificates will not be allowed, which do not comply with this requirement.


     For political Consortium just moved canines and felines (cats)..

   All passengers have as part of their baggage live animals must present the respective animal health certificate export.

    Leaving the country, species of animals deemed as wildlife such as parrots, macaws, monkeys, native ornamental birds like jays siskin wildlife is prohibited.

    All aircraft arriving to Venezuela through the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, may be subjected to sanitary inspection by the staff assigned to this Ministry personnel when deemed necessary, being forced airlines to lend to animal health officials, all necessary facilities to practice such regulatory inspection, as set out in the Law on Plant Health Defence and Animal and Animal Health Regulations in force.

   Each destination country applies its own regulations, so we recommend you consult them before starting the pet relocation procedures. In the case of Colombia the entrance of the following breeds is prohibited: Bulk Terrier, Pitbull, English Bulldog.

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