"The MCO are travel vouchers issued as credits to pay for services rendered with the airline (tickets) are valid for one year from their issue, are not refundable for cash, are non-endorsable and if they expire or are lost can not be remitted. With this coupon you can pay for services (tickets) only (no tax) up to the amount specified in it."

  They can be used as payment for a new ticket; it must be the same passenger name the original ticket. Partially used tickets may or may not be refundable depending on the regulation of fare purchased.

  Refunds will be awarded through the issuance of an MCO (credit note) and that it can be made on any of our sales offices. Importantly, the passenger must submit the affidavit have not used your quota CADIVI and we will deduct the appropriate penalty for their flight have not performed as scheduled. 100% non-refundable tickets are used.

  Unused tickets for reasons unrelated to the airline, are reimbursable by issuing a credit note (MCO). This credit note (MCO) can be used as payment for a new ticket, minus the penalty specified rate regulation.

  The credit note (MCO) is performed on behalf of the beneficiary or payer Ticket thereof, after the presentation of satisfactory proof of purchase (invoice or statement of credit card).

  If the unused ticket is international, it must submit when applying the credit note (MCO), a copy of the affidavit of closing, provided for in the Administrative Order No. 009 dated 27/11/2009 issued by CADIVI certifying the trip for which the currency has not been made were obtained. If the passenger claims to have traveled with another airline, just as you must submit a copy of the ticket used for the trip, and a copy of the affidavit under the appointed Administrative Order No. 009. If the passenger claims not to have transacted currency CADIVI, you must submit an affidavit that includes date, name, surname and ID number.

  In cases of illness, you may request a refund in the same form of payment and currency in which the purchase was made. It is therefore necessary to submit medical report indicating that the trip is contraindicated.

  In case of death of a beneficiary, the credit note will be given to the immediate family, after presentation of the death certificate. It is considered as immediate family to the spouse, children (including adopted) parents and brother (s) or sister (s).

  Should be authorized reimbursement, this will apply only on those tickets in the country where the sale was made. The refund will be made in the same form of payment and currency in which the purchase was made.

  The reimbursement must be requested during the validity of the ticket.

  Certain charges apply among which include; The penalty specified by the regulation fee, airport charges did not apply to reimbursement and other government taxes of each country that have the same restricted reimbursement.

  Tickets that have more than one fare issued shall be governed by the most restrictive fare on the ticket.

  The beneficiary must carry a letter of authorization if the refund is requested on behalf of a third party.

  If the beneficiary is a minor, the credit note (MCO) will be made in favor of paying the ticket.

  The time for payment of a refund depends on the form of payment used to purchase the ticket.

  The refund application form and consign documents, must be delivered at the nearest commercial office or by e-mailed to the address

  Should CONVIASA is responsible for the interruption of the trip due to reasons attributable, for example, mechanical failure of the aircraft, maintenance, logistical problems with equipment, among others, the user can request a full or partial refund of your ticket, according to the case. This type is called involuntary refund and no penalty applies. You must fill out the form below and submit it to the nearest commercial office.

Form: Download.

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